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We have put together a party trunk option to add that special touch to your child’s birthday. 



There is a minimum order of 6 pieces for the trunk but you can add more if needed.


1. Order your chosen pottery from the shop option

2. Make sure you add your chosen trunk to your order

3. The trunk comes complete with everything you need for a special pottery painting party option including a tablecloth.

4. There is no extra charge for the trunk as we trust that it will be returned in the condition it comes to you.

5. If you require extra colour paints you can purchase these separately

 Please return the trunk back with everything including painted pottery, left over paints, table cloth, palettes and brushes


The trunk contains


10 standard paint colours

Paint brushes


Water bowls


Dinosaur Party Trunk

  • The trunk must be returned with all items

  • On checkout please post in the comments box when you require your party trunk. We cannot guarantee that a trunk will be available so please do this as soon as you can so that we can allocate the trunk for you.

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