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Terms and Conditions

At Reasons To Be Cheerful we endeavour to make our pottery painting sessions and parties as friendly and flexible as possible so that you thoroughly enjoy your time with us! However, to make sure that things are clear and straightforward, please find below our terms and conditions. If you have any queries and would rather speak to us, then feel free to call us on 07497 510820 or send us an email us at

Pottery Painting




The price of pottery is what you see on the website and there is no extra studio fee unless


 1. You do not finish painting during your visit to Reasons To Be Cheerful then we will hold onto your pottery for up to three months for you to come back and complete another day. Return visits or a take home kit to complete a held piece of pottery WILL incur a £5 studio fee per person. If new piece of pottery is started during a return visit we will NOT charge a Studio Fee.

2. If you are attending a tutored workshop there is a charge on top of the price the item sold for on the website to cover tutoring fees.


3. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice due to unforeseen economic circumstances but will honour the price if you have already made your purchase on the website.




We do not give refunds on pottery ordered via the website but are happy to consider a change of date or change of pottery of the same value


We will give an exchange on pottery bisque that is faulty. For pottery damaged during the firing process we will refund the full buying cost

We are unfortunately unable to give a refund on craft or pottery tutored workshops due to buying in items for the event.


General Terms


- It is not permitted to paint items brought in from outside Reasons To Be Cheerful and we do not fire items painted elsewhere.


- Works-in-progress will be held for three months from the date of first painting. If you are unable to return within this period please e-mail or call us. A studio fee of £5 will be made per person on your return visit to the studio to finish your item.


- Reasons To Be Cheerful is a Paint Your Own Pottery business. Staff are available to advise as appropriate. Staff may not be able to correct mistakes made with our paint or any other medium that is used other than our specialised paints.


- All painters are given an induction in the studio or a instruction leaflet on take out kits on how to use the paints and how the studio works. Reasons To Be Cheerful cannot accept responsibility for pieces where guidelines have not been followed.


- There may be minor colour variations on pieces according to how they have been painted. Minor imperfections are a result of the hand-painted nature of the pottery and the natural state of the bisque.




- When a piece is completed, Reasons To Be Cheerful staff will give an estimated date when we expect the piece to be glazed and fired ready for collection. This is normally 7-14 working days after the piece has been completed. If there is any delay our staff will endeavour to call in advance.


- The estimated date is not a guarantee of the completion date. The nature of the product and the firing process means that a degree of flexibility may sometimes be required especially at busy times. For this reason we recommend that you should talk to us if an item is for a specific date or deemed as urgent.


- Glazed and fired pottery will be held for six months from the date of completion. Please e-mail or call us if you are unable to collect within this period. After this period Reasons To Be Cheerful will reluctantly dispose of these items. We will do our upmost to contact you to let you know your pottery has not been collected


-The very nature of hand painted pottery means that there may be imperfections. There may be little bumps on the bottom of your item which are stilt marks. Stilts are used to keep your pottery from sticking to the kiln shelf and are unavoidable. You may see small paint smudges or marks that have been made when painting your pottery. We try to remove these marks before firing but they are sometimes difficult to remove once paint has dried or may not be visible until after the firing process


- Reasons To Be Cheerful cannot take responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been collected. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused. We do not recommend putting your pottery in a dishwasher as it will shorten the life of the item. We recommend hand washing all items painted within the studio. Pottery items are not microwave safe.



Any breakages in the studio will be charged at the full shelf price. Pottery is always checked for any damage before putting in take out kits and we cannot take responsibility for any breakages once you have collected your items.


Damage in the Firing Process

Please be aware that sometimes pottery items can break, crack or at worse explode in the kiln. We try to control for these events, but it is not always possible. It is the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. If you have lost your piece in the kiln in this way we will offer you a full refund by bank transfer or a free session to paint a replacement piece up to the value of the original piece.



Full payment will have been made on the website for your party pieces. Only under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the owner of Reasons To Be Cheerful will a refund be made. Refunds cannot be made on pottery that has not been painted at your event. If you want to paint any left over items at a later date there will be a £5 studio fee per item to cover studio time or take out kit


Events outside of the studio


Either full payment before the event will be required or a payment from a nominated authorised person during or after the event in agreement with the owner of Reasons To Be Cheerful. 

Workshops and groups outside of the studio may incur charges over the price of the pottery. This may be a tutoring fee or mileage depending on distance. Please contact us directly for further information



Due to copyright, data protection (GDPR) and to respect other participants, where you wish to take photographs or video during a pottery painting session please respect the rights of other pottery attendees by NOT including them in your photos.

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